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Welcome to the Babydoll Sheep Registry Association for Olde English Babydoll Southdowns, Miniature Southdowns, Old World Southdowns, Babydolls, or simply “the sheep that smile”. We are non profit organization set up to continue the breed standards and pedigrees originally set in place for preservation of the breed, all while additionally keeping the members informed, included and involved each step of the way. We adore our members and our wonderful babydolls and are striving to do the best we can for our beloved breed!

-- We have some updates!! --

Happy Spring!
Jotform registration has been updated, please use new link!
Fully online registration! Join and register all online with our simple easy Jotform! Online transfers now here too!
We are so excited for all the new lamb registrations coming in!
YouTube channel is up! Link on the leftside or here
Please reach out with any questions, comments, concerns, or even just to say hi!
We have facebook and instagram pages! Please follow us! We are happy to share your posts also!

Please visit us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM! <--- click on these

We love to communicate and share our joy of babydoll sheep! Please feel free to email us with any questions, suggestions or concerns.

Also for any questions, registration help or inquires please contact us at

EXTended Ag Services Inc.
All registrations, transfers & memberships are through this office.
Charlie Worm
PO Box 722
Lakefield, MN 56150
Ph: 507-662-5005
Fax: 507-662-5105