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Joining Babydoll Sheep Registry Association is easier than ever now! We have moved to a full online process in an effort to offer something completely new to our members! To streamline and quicken your paperwork! Add up to five sheep in a single transaction. Join for membership or pay yearly dues. Payment is all online as well! No mail, no paperwork and no wait to submit.


Already a member and just need to transfer BSRA babydolls into your name?
We got you!
All online form to submit your transfers. We keep things simple, easy and fast. New certificates are issued with the actual owners name updated! Which we think is more appropriate, especially for our showing members.
Please be advised that the owner listed MUST also be the seller when submitting transfer paperwork. These actions are recorded with the registry, rather than on your certificate. Old certificates become null and void, we encourage you to recycle them.


Video tutorial for online registration and membership below!
Check out our charts below to see what you need to submit and please read our associations bylaws.

Any questions about what is needed, eligibility or troubleshooting, please reach out to us.

If you wish to submit your sheep snail mail, please contact us for forms and additional information info@babydollsheepregistry.org

Membership adult $15 year
Membership youth $10 year
Registrations $5 each
Transfers $5 each

What if your babydoll is already registered in more than one other registry?

Please submit copies of all CORs, as we record all information into the registry, this will allow you can keep track of all registry info from BSRA for ease.

Do I need height photo's if my babydoll is both OEBSSR and NABSSAR?

No, height photo's are only required for NABSSAR registered sheep. Please submit both CORs.

Babydolls that are part of BSSBA's grade up program are NOT eligible for registration with BSRA.

What do you need to register from another registry? See below scenerios.

Questions? Comments? Troubleshooting? Email us! info@babydollsheepregistry.org

Photo's displayed are courtesy of our members.

2022 - 2023 Babydoll Sheep Registry Association